Tips to Prepare Your Child for School Admission Entrance

These days, the admission process in schools has become more complex. Now, children have to undergo various entrance written tests and interviews to take admission in school. Passing those entrance tests is not an easy task. This is testing time even more for parents rather than children because parents need to prepare their children for this admission entrance test as per the norms of the school.

Your child’s new chapter of life is ready to begin, your child’s academic journey is ready to begin, as parents, you might be really very excited for this new chapter of the journey but with the excitement, you will get lots of new responsibilities as well. You need to prepare your child for his/her first school admission entrance. Most of the parents train their children to crack the admission entrance test. If you are also the one who is at this pace of life then here are some tips for you.

If you are worried about your kid’s admission entrance test then these tips will help you out.

  1. Research

You should research the school in which you want your child to get admitted. If this initial step of planning how to choose the best school for your child is confusing you then you must refer to Private School Review and Boarding School Review. Once you come to a conclusion then move on further for the next step. Research the expected questions asked by the authority of the school. Inquire about written test and interview questions and make a list of all those questions to prepare your kid in advance.

You can get in touch with the parents of the students who are already studying in the school. You can get advice from those parents. Collect all the study material and expected questions as much as you can. Make a list of all the questions that are asked in that particular question.

  1. Be Smart

Keep in mind that you need to prepare your child for admission entrance not for a subject paper. Hence you have to guide them on the complete look, you have to work on communication skills, motor, cognitive, interaction as well as academic skills. Find out the weaknesses of your child and start working on those. Keep the focus on communication skills, social skills, body language and hand-writing skills of your child. Problem solving techniques and puzzle solving techniques are best way to prepare your child for school admission entrance test. Doing more productive work in less time is also a good lessen to teach.

  1. Make a routine

Make sure you prepare a routine to spend time with your child regularly to guide him. You need to brush all the basics of your child on regular basis. Spend some fun time as well with your child to build trust. Along with the fun time, you need to make a routine to ask him/her to focus on the learning part only. Routine allows the children to learn the habit of following rules from a young age.

  1. Dress properly

It is your responsibility to dress your child properly. Avoid frilly glittery dresses. Dress your child to make him/her look elegant, try wearing formal and simple dresses. Dress your kid in a comfortable and airy dress. A proper dressing style shows a pleasant personality which creates a good impression on the school authorities.

  1. Praise and encourage small achievements

You should encourage your child for all small achievements as well. You can encourage him/her by giving small gifts on his/her achievements and support along with guidance in their failures. Remember you need to praise them positively and in a balance manner because over praising can also cause trouble. Praise where there is a need. A study has proved that gifts such as chocolates, cookies can help you to teach your kid in a positive way.

  1. Time anxiety

Most of the time students are plagued with the anxiety and nervousness before the entrance tests. They take the stress which can reduce their performance on time. They can even forget the things they had prepared. It is the most important point on which parents need to look. For this, you need to give your child a plenty of time to get prepared before the test and help them to boost their confidence while motivating them.

You should remind your child,

  • Only one entrance test can’t define your future. No entrance exam can test your value as a person.
  • The entrance test does not define your happiness in the future.
  • It is just an entrance test, although it is important for us to clear still it does not hold your future.

And most importantly, you need to help your child to give his/her best along with making him/her know that your family’s love would not change just based on an entrance test.

If you keep reminding these points to your child then your kid can fight with exam time anxiety in an easier way. This does not only offer him confidence but as well as let him perform his best in the entrance test. The children will have more trust on their skills and abilities because of your positive attitude. If you need then feel free to approach coaches and include a tutor in your team.

  1. Briefing about the day

Prepare your child for the scenario of the day in advance, it will help in eliminating the feeling of nervousness. Ask him/her questions just like an interviewer can ask or will ask, take a written test and visit campus with him/her. You should enhance the social skill of your child like how to interact with others, be polite and have manners. This will help him to handle the scenario of the day in a proper manner.


Parents play an important role in helping their kids to crack school entrance exams. The above-given tips will help you to prepare your child for his/her entrance test. These tips will help you in preparing your child for his entrance test in a better way thus one can perform best at the day. Time management, General knowledge, Basic knowledge about subjects, along with other things like personal grooming and manners helps the students to be confident and excel the entrance exams with flying colours.


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