As we all know that for the development of the country, education is very important. Not only for the development of the country but also for the personality development it’s people and to produce skilled and capable manpower. Due to the poor economic condition, many people haven’t been able to gain a proper education. Even though a person has the capability and passion to learn, they haven’t been able to join the college/school due to the financial condition. So, the government of different countries have introduced scholarship for the national and international students.

Although the scholarship have been introduced by the government of different countries in different subject, yet the students haven’t been able to utilize it due to lack of information about it. Specially in the case of Nepal, there are very few sources through which the information about national and international scholarships can be obtained. Therefore we are trying to update the information about the scholarship available in different countries in different field of study from this site as soon as possible. Here, we will be updating the information about the available scholarship through different websites. Our main aim is to collect the information about scholarship from different sites and make it available in one place for the students.

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