After the completion of the Bachelors degree, students are confused about next step. A common dilemma is ‘What to study at Masters Level?’ If you want to prepare yourselves to compete in the business world, then MBA is the right degree for you.

MBA is a popular post-graduate course among youths these days that help students gain expertise in business and management. But there still exists some confusion and queries regarding MBA degree.
Common queries of students are ‘What is MBA? Why study MBA? What’s the scope of MBA? What’s the MBA course fee? Either to go abroad or study MBA in Nepal?’ and so on.

It is important for students to obtain information about MBA course before jumping into conclusion. There are numerous websites on the internet that claim to provide information about MBA course but tend to provide either fake information or information that is not enough to know about MBA course. After you complete reading this article, you will learn everything you need to know about MBA degree in Nepal. Let’s start with the meaning of MBA.

What is MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is an internationally accepted postgraduate level course for business studies. The objectives of the MBA courses are:
• To form a strong theoretical foundation in various areas of business
• To expose students to practical opportunities via internships and projects
• To enhance the leadership and management skills of the students
• To make students capable of starting their own business
• To provide global opportunities for career growth

Why study MBA in Nepal?

There are varieties of categories to study in MBA which is being offered worldwide. A huge number of Nepalese students go abroad to study MBA but what students doesn’t know is that there are lots of colleges in Nepal providing MBA course that are no less than the MBA courses provided abroad. The number of MBA colleges in Nepal has increased in past few years. Some MBA colleges of Nepal are affiliated with Domestic Universities while some MBA colleges of Nepal are affiliated with International Universities.  Well, it’s not a myth that MBA is an expensive course. If you go abroad to study MBA course, the expense just doubles. Since the MBA course is available in Nepal with International affiliations, why to waste time and money going abroad?
Different types of MBA programs such as Executive MBA (EMBA), MBA (Finance), MBA (Global Business), MBA in Global leadership and Management, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, etc are currently being offered in the colleges of Nepal.

Tribhuvan University School of Management offers MBA in Global leadership and management. Kathmandu University School of Management offers MBA and EMBA courses.  Some Domestic Universities offering affiliated MBA course in Nepal are:
• Tribhuvan University
• Kathmandu University
• Pokhara University
• Purbanchal University

Some International Universities offering affiliated MBA course in Nepal are:
• Lincoln University College of Malaysia
• Westcliff University (USA)
• International American University (USA)
• University of Madras (India)
• Vinayak Missions University (India)
• Shinawatra University (Thailand)
• Queen Margaret University (UK)
• Leeds Beckett University (UK)

MBA course fee in Nepal

The enthralling part of MBA Degree is that the average salary of an MBA graduate is comparatively much higher than any other Masters degree holder. You are expected to earn twice as much as you will earn from any other degree. You are expected to get hired in higher posts and you can even start your own business. These are probably the reasons that have made MBA degree popular.

The MBA program is vast and complex and is definitely expensive if you choose to pursue it in foreign countries. The MBA course fee ranges between 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs in Nepal which is comparatively lower than the MBA course fee abroad. With an aim to provide higher education to the Nepalese students in minimal price, and to reduce the number of students going abroad in search of quality higher studies, the colleges of Nepal are maintaining average fee to study MBA in Nepal.

There are lots of banks in Nepal that offer education loan for higher studies if you’re in need of any. You can even work while pursuing MBA as well. Part-time MBA can be the right course for those students who have juggle studies and professional life.

Requirements for MBA program

Different colleges and Universities might have different rules and protocols while taking admission in MBA program. MBA program in Nepal is a program open for both Nepali and Non-Nepali citizens. MBA program is a two-year program divided into four semesters. The mandatory requirements to apply for MBA program are as follows:
• The student must have a Bachelor’s degree of at least three years in any discipline.
• The students must have achieved either a minimum of 50 percent marks in aggregate or CGPA of 2.
• The students must qualify the entrance exam conducted by the college or affiliated University.
• The students must provide the necessary documents to the college or University as per the demand of the college or University.

Course Summary

Name: MBA

Cost: 4-10 Lakhs in average

General Admission session: January/ July

Ace Institute of Management, Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), Rajdhani Model College, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM), and Nepal Mega College