Food Technology

The process of production, processing and distribution of quality food to the consumers is food technology. Food technologist work for maintaining food quality by storing and preservation. They also maintain the nutrients value and quality of food. A student studies the physical, microbiological, and chemical combination of food. Food science and technology is one of the very few courses in Nepal that promotes interactive learning methods. The development of science and technology keeps people busy nowadays. So the people are more conscious about their health and pay more attention towards the quality food products. Being an agricultural country, Nepal has a huge source of materials to produce food products. So there is a high scope of food technology in Nepal.

List of Colleges
There are very few academic institutions that offer food technology in Nepal. Some lists of the colleges that offer food technology are given below:
1. Padmashree International College, Kathmandu (TU)
2. Central Campus of Technology, Dharan (TU)
3. Lalitpur Valley College, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (TU)
4. National College of Food Science and Technology(NCFST), Kathmandu(TU)
5. Birat Multiple Campus, Biratnagar (TU)
6. Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus,Pokhara (TU)
7. Himalayan College of Agriculture Science and Technology, Kathmandu (Purbanchal University)
8. College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology, Kathmandu (Purbanchal University)
9. Food Tech Nepal, Affiliated to Tribhuvan University
10. Sunsari Technical College , Dharan , Affiliated to Tribhuvan University
11. Dharan Multiple Campus , Dharan , Affiliated to Tribhuvan University
12. Goldengate International College , Wisdom Tower, Trikuti Colony Old Baneshwor, Battisputali , Affiliated to Tribhuvan University

The fee structure of this course varies from one college to another college. Visit a college administration and get more and more info about the fee structure and college.

Course duration
Before you join the college, it is better to know and prepare oneself. Food technology course is a four year degree course and the session starts from Mangsir of each year according to the Nepali calendar, Bikram Sambat (B.S).

Eligibility for food technology
The applicants must have completed +2 science with an at least second division. Students who have completed diploma in food also can apply for this course.

T.U also provides the scholarship program for those students who cannot fulfill the requirements for the study of food technology by any reason. It is based on:
● Entrance examination – exams are held by the colleges and the performance of an individual matter while scholarship is concerned.
● Handicap – college helps and supports those who are physically disabled. Here, economically.
● Female quota – female are also given priorities in the scholarship programs.
● Students from rural areas – students from the rural areas have to struggle a lot and hard (but not all of them) to get to the college and complete their education in comparison to other people, students.

80% of people of Nepal depend upon agriculture. Being an agricultural country, Nepal is also rich in water resources. There is a high possibility of production of food if the water resources are used wisely and in a planned way with the help of scientific technologies. From this, we can conclude that there is a high scope of food technology in Nepal. As there are very few colleges that offer this course, the number of the food technologist is also very low. Because of the skill shortage, there is high demand for the food technology graduates. Food science has better job prospects than any other industry. In short, the future of food technology in Nepal is very bright.

Food technologist can work in department of food technology in industries, and hotels. Be a staff on different NGO/INGOs working in the sector of food and nutrition. Multinational companies and firms seeks them frequently for making improvements in their food products. No doubt, there’s a high job opportunity for food technologist both in private and public sectors of the nation. They can work as:
● Production manager
● Product advisor
● Research and Development Scientist
● Process engineers
● Packaging and product development
● Food quality manager
● Production manager
● Food inspector
● Quality controller
● Food innovation manager
● Commercial technologist
● Quality Assurance Manager
● Laboratory Supervisor
● Food Packaging Manager
● Research Associate in premier institutes, universities and research and development units
● Lecturer or an Advisor in Government Colleges, Inspection Boards or Quality Control Cells

In foreign countries, people are more concerned about the consumer’s health. So the food technologist in foreign, try their best to supply/distribute quality food products to the consumers. Therefore the scope of food technology in abroad is also high. While some have the dream to make a career abroad studying food technology, they can work as a product development manager in a food and nutrition organization to come up with the food products in an innovative way as per the demand of the consumer. Some who like to do research can choose to be a scientist abroad to prepare new food products range and enhance them.
Besides one can try other jobs like Nutritional therapist, Product/process development scientist, Regulatory affairs officer, Scientific laboratory technician, Technical brewer, Chef, Purchasing manager, Research scientist (life sciences), Toxicologist and so on.
As a further study plan student can join and graduate on Masters for gaining more knowledge and skill in the field of food technology. In Nepal, college like Central Campus of Technology located in Hattisar, Dharan Sunsari is Offering Master of Science in Food Technology (M.Sc. Food Technology).

List of various organizations in Nepal employing food technology graduates

● Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) under Ministry of Agricultural Development
● Food and Nutrition Awareness Center Nepal (FONAC)
● United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
● Sagun Foods
● Sunrise Nepal Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd.
● The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Nepal
● Chaudhary Group
● Golchha Organization and so on…….

The initial salary of the B. Tech Food Technology graduates is NRs. 10000 and is up to NRs. 35000. The increment in salary depends upon how an organization and employee are performing. Thus it may be more or less accordingly.

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