Medical Education ordinance replacement law in favor of Medical Colleges

The government has replaced the law of medical education in favor of Medical Colleges rather than for improving the medical education system and services.

According to the new law, the colleges not having its own hospital can also apply for the establishment of medical colleges. Previously, there was a law that a University can give affiliation to minimum of only five medical colleges. Also, the colleges needed to fulfill the requirement of having hospital that was in operation for at least 3 years. There was also a law that new medical colleges won’t be established in Kathmandu for 10 years. These laws have now been removed.

In addition, the colleges must also have fulfilled all the criteria made by the Health Ministry, Nepal Medical Council and Medical Education Commission. There was a law that in medical field, 75% seat must be for scholarship which must be increased further in future. But now these laws have also not been stated clearly.

There was also a law that, if the seat for the foreign students is not fulfilled, then Nepalese students could get admission on those seats. But now, a new law has been added that if no Nepalese students come for admission in those seats then the colleges can get permission from the commission and give admission to other foreign students. The change in this law may be due to the fact that colleges cannot get the amount of fee that has been fixed for foreign students from Nepalese students.

All these changes in the law proves that the law for the Medical education has been favored for profit of the Medical colleges but not for the improvement of the Medical education system.

Source: Kantipur



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