Engineering Scholarships

Engineering is field of study which is applied to invent, design, analyze, build and test different structure. This field is very important for the development.Many student are found to be interested  to inter this field. Mainly the students who have inteslest in physics and  mathematics . Engineering is one of the important field choose by the students after +2. Because its scope is increasing with increasing of developmental activities. 

Although engineering is a main choice of the students these days. Yet they haven’t been able to inter this field as the cost of its study is very high about 5000000 and can not be afforded by economically deprived student.For the solution of this problem, many scholarship are provided each year by the government of Nepal and different  universities and institutions as well. Not only that but universities of foreign countries also provide scholarships to study engineering.

One of the important scholarship is  the scholarship provided by institute of engineering(IOE), tribhuwan university (TU) situated at pulchwok , lalitpur. It provides about 108 scholarships for civil engineering and 24 scholarships each for other fields of engineering like electrical electronic, mechanical , computer etc.

Another scholarship is the scholarship provided by  thapathali engineering campus for more then 200 students on the basis of entrance exam held by IOE, TU.Similarly, other university of Nepal like Kathmandu university (KU), Pokhara university (PU) and purbanchal university (PU) also provides different scholarships on the basis of different  merit lists.

Although these scholarships are available but still many students miss the opportunity for it due to lack of information about it. So our main aim is to provide  the information about scholarships for engineering  by collecting it from different websites and making it available at one place for the convenience of students.

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