11 tips on how to look for the best college for +2 in Nepal

It is easy to find the best college for +2 in Nepal (best for you) if you are self-prepared to put a time and effort into it. It also depends on the factors such as the education field you are interested in, price and fees you can afford, a location of the college, services and facilities and many more. Choosing a college is a big decision and making a choice can be challenging. You should visit more colleges, at least five to seven. Some student seeks for the college that has a big name and fame, some follow their friends, best friend, boyfriend and girlfriend while some may be forced by their parents. But better you look for the college that suits you, your goals and destinations. I agree with the fact that your reviews for the +2 college have started since you appeared for the board exam of SEE. Remember, while you were returning from the exam center, a guy or a girl hands you colorful brochures and catalogs with a smile on their face. And that might have made up your ideas to join and find a college.

In this world of competition, it is difficult to identify which is a better option for one who is looking for such option in their life. Well, the same thing has been in the field of education. It’s always been challenging for everyone who has just appeared SEE and is looking for the +2 college for their future study. Everyone has faced this problem in their life after SEE/SLC. It is one of the most critical time in every student life as it will determine your future, your career and overall it will decide your good or bad future. So before you find the college you need to analyze for yourselves and study interest and the subject that you are interested in learning in the higher study.

Before you start looking or searching for the best college, consider the following things:

1. Analyse Yourself And Your Interest

Before you decide to go to any particular college or to the certain course you need to study yourselves and need to know our own interest. Think deeply about your career subject, the field of interest and the aim of your life. This will not put you into the trouble such as not liking the course or the college in the coming days and it will not hamper study and create frustration in the life. Once you are clear about what subject you want to study and the field where you are interested then it will be easier for you to decide other things. Thus it is very clear and fruitful that before you go out in search of the best college after SEE/ SLC you need to study and analyze yourself about the course and the field of the interest.

2. Find Out Personal Recommendations

The other step to find college is to talk to the people around you. Speak with your people like teachers, family (parents), friends, brothers, and sisters. You will find them providing you a hand full of friendly advice and suggestions. The cool thing about this approach is that they are so nice and closest to you. They know you very well so there may be some reason behind their recommendations. Write a note of the advice and recommendations. At the end of the day, you will be collecting a list of colleges and fields of study. This is a just beginning of your research and you will discover some ideas on what is essential for your study.

3. Read Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines provide the news, gossips and current affairs around the globe. If you have the habit of reading them you should know the importance of them in our life. So grab a popular newspaper and Magazine that talk about your interest of studies. You will find a lot of gossips, news, and advertisement of the +2 colleges along with their information in them. You can read a newspaper on your favorite web browser as many newspaper agencies have their own website. Similarly, You can find the newspaper apps, go to app store> search for the keyword “Kantipur” or any newspaper name you like. Install the app and start reading news on your phone. You can make a checklist of colleges and subjects on your not copy. You may also call college or visit them for further information.

4. Visit Websites and Subscribe Them

Google is your friend when finding a best +2 college. Open your web browser> Go to Google.com. Search a keyword like “Nepali educational portal” or “+2 colleges in Nepal”. You will find a lot of ideas and information in a matter of seconds. Study the posts and articles published over there. You will discover new colleges, their info, and new subjects.You can take our website Studentsnepal as an example. We cover Nepal’s college events and news, education world and issues that reflect the interest of students. Subscribing the newsletter is a plus point, you will receive all new updates and posts in your inbox (email address).

5. Fee Structure And Your Financial Condition

Colleges may be expensive or cheaper as per the location, type of service, education, and expert they provide. Private colleges are expensive in comparison to Government colleges. So it is crucial that you should look for your financial situation before finding your dream college. Students with a good mark get scholarship easily. Keep in mind tuition is a part of the fee. Your bill will be added up by the room, board, textbooks, and fees respectively. Do not back off if the college fee structure is high, speak to the college authorities politely so that you can get some grants and scholarship. Many students in Nepal are getting a scholarship in college, some are paying less amount of fee and some are studying for free.

6. Not Being a follower

When it comes to finding a college, it is a bad idea to follow your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend and best friend. The choice may seem good at the time because you want to be near them, but this is the decision and a moment that can change your life. It is all about your career, your goals, and ambitions. Make the best decisions for yourself. Get ideas and information from your friends around, just make sure you are not being a follower and playing with your study and future. You do not have to worry about your relationships, a strong relationship will outlast time and distance anyway.

7. Activities to Match Your Interests

+2 Colleges in Nepal offers a group of student or club to performing arts, outdoor activities, sports, volunteerism or such alike. Some students feel miserable if they do not have a stimulating life outside of academics. Sports is good for health and fitness. A good college should organize and allow the student to take part in such activities and arrange a campaign like blood donation and health campaign. Match your interest of activities with college’s activities and resources before joining a college.

8. Adequate Labs And Infrastructures

Infrastructures and facilities in the college are for the purpose to meet the needs of the students. Be sure a college you are looking for has enough materials and study stuff, a library for studying purpose and borrowing a book, science, and computer labs. Find out the number of the labs and resources available and opening and closing schedule of them. Some colleges may not provide the basic training that you require. Take an example, a computer student needs a basic idea on the software like MS Office and Photoshop. Does college provide lessons in such software?

Students should make a research, reports, and presentation on a certain topic. College should support on such matter by providing a place to show their presentations, projector, laptops, etc. as per the project requirement.

9. Location of The College

Best college means it is located in the best place. Not much far from the town in a peaceful environment and it is easily accessible from your place as well. In some cases, you may be choosing the college far from your residence. If you got the vehicle such as cycle, bike, and car, it is easy for you to go to the college. You may also use the public bus or such transportation means as per your budget, comfort, and availability. In the other hand, many +2 colleges in Nepal offer the transportation service. Some college provides this service for free while some may not. So be sure to asks and note these things about the college.

10. Graduating Data

Student goes to college for one or more reason. Graduation is one of them. Some colleges graduate less number of students while some graduate more. You should consider how many students are graduated by a college at a time. A college with a less percentage of graduation will get you nowhere but may take you to wait more years to get a graduate degree. And that is added to your cost. Go to administration office of the college to get the full review of with how many students graduate with a degree and how long did it take, on average, to complete their education.

11. Visit A College And Talk To College Representative

Colleges in Nepal have websites, brochures, and catalogs. They are enough to get started to find the college. You are about to take your life-changing decision. Thus choose a college, visit them and talk with the people. Be prepared for the questions and ask them to the college representative. Make sure you get are satisfied and you get the quality answer to your queries. Do not hesitate to talk with them, they are there just to give you the information. Visit labs, take a full tour of the college if possible. You can grab a pen and a copy to take notes. If your camera is good make a video. It is fun and interesting.


Now it is easy for you to look for the best college for +2 in Nepal. You will find the best college when you are prepared for it when you workout to get it when you manage time for it. Make a list of college, determine a location where you want to study, visit them and talk with real people. Talk with senior students and college reps. Make a full note of pros and cons of college. Look which feature and facility of college lure you to get in there for 2 years study. Discuss about the topic with your guardians, parents, friends and all the people around you. Listen to their opinion. Some may pressurize you, in that case, convince them the idea you are working out to make your future bright. Express how ambitious it is to study on college and subject you choose in comparison the other one. Make use of the technology and media. Listen to the FM radio which talks about the students, colleges, and educations in Nepal. Watch TV programs. Surf on the internet. There are a lot of ways to find the best college in Nepal. Relax and take it easy, best +2 college is on your way.


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