PTAP Scholarship for B.Sc. Engineering

The Ministry of Education (MOE) of Nepal announces for the application for PTAP scholarship. The Government of Pakistan provides this Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP). Under this scholarship, Nepal has recieved 6 seats for B.Sc. Engineering for the year 2018/2019.  Among them, 1 seat is for Female, 1 for Indigenous Group (Adhibasi Janajati) and 1 for Madhesi group. The application will be accepted from 3rd Shrawan, 2075 (19th July, 2018) to 9th Shrawan, 2075 (25 July, 2018). The students who is in the merit list of  entrance of IOE taken at Shrawan 2074 and has fulfilled the mentioned eligibility criteria can apply. The details of eligibility criteria, application instruction and deadline are given below.