Bachelors of Dental Studies (BDS)

Introduction of BDS

One of the most important parts of the human body is considered as teeth. No one in this world wants to compromise in being happy, to smile and laugh but sometimes due to your bad teeth, you may need to compromise. Anyone of us keeps on putting an effort to any cost to make our teeth look good and get that millions and billion, dollar smile in our face. There is an educational field that is related to caring and doing a treatment of the teeth which is commonly known as Dentistry education.

Dentistry is a branch of medical science which is related to oral health, teeth and gums. As it is the branch of medical science it deals with the medical and medicines that are necessary for the oral cavity to make them clean and healthy. The course that deals with the oral cavity and different salivary and nervous system of the head and neck is commonly known as a bachelor in dental science. It is the four and a half year course in which one learns about developing the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to graduate as a dental professional. In this four and a half year, you can become professionals about the teeth and oral cavity health. In the duration of course, it is necessary that you have to participate in the internship work for a year and remaining time you have to study three major component of BDS such as integrated medical science, Clinical medical science and clinical dental science. This course is in high demand all over the world due to the knowledge of both taking care of oral health and also about the cosmetic surgery of the teeth.

In the Earlier days, people used to think that taking care of teeth and oral cavity is unnecessary but with the education and the awareness these days people are aware and give equal importance to the oral health and caring of the teeth and gums. In the same way due to the advancement in the medical equipment and the development if the awareness program about the oral health and also introducing about the different field like oral pathology, periodontist and orthodontics it has a huge scope.

Eligibility and Enrollment

BDS is a course in which students can learn about the medical way of taking care of the oral health and making our teeth gums and muscles of the face and mouth healthy. To study BDS course in Nepal one has to complete 12 years of schooling with the major science in which one has to study chemistry, physics, biology and English. Even though you study extra math it is not necessary for this course. It is needed for the physical group education like engineering and others. After the completion of the 12 years of education, it is plus point if you join the preparation classes that are offered by the different institution namely NIMS, NAMES, KSMT and many more. If you go for the preparation classes then it will definitely help to sharpen your knowledge and be able to pass the MCQ question in the entrance. As to become a dentist you have to complete all the 8 semesters and also complete an internship of the 1 year.

BDS which is known as a bachelor of dental surgery is a popular medical course which anyone can study who is from a science background and has completed +2 with science. To be able to get the admission one has to at least have 50% in +2. In the same way, you have to be minimum of 17 years and shouldn’t exceed 25 years old when applying for the course. Once you become eligible to apply you need to pass the entrance taken by the IOM and other respective universities. You need to apply for the course before the deadline of the form submission and has to appear in the entrance examinations. The deadlines for the form submission for BDS course are by the end of the September of every year. Once the form is submitted then the further process is taken and student can start studying from the November session.

Colleges that offer BDS course in Nepal

There are different university and affiliated college that offer the BDS course in Nepal. The oldest university of Nepal known as the Tribhuvan University and its affiliated college offer this course in Kathmandu valley and in other different cities too.

• BPKIHS, Dharan
• People’s Dental College, Nayabazar KTM (Affiliated to TU)
• Universal Dental College, Bhairahawa (Affiliated to TU)
• Kantipur Dental College & Hospital KTM (Affiliated to TU)
• Nepal Medical College, Jorpati (Affiliated to TU)
• MB Kedia Dental College Birgunj (Affiliated to TU)
• KIST Medical College, KTM (Affiliated to TU)
• Kathmandu University School of Medical Science, Dhulikhel(KU)
• College of Medical Science, Bharatpur (Affiliated to TU)
• Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar (Affiliated to TU)

Cost of Course

Even though the course of BDS is in high demand these days it is cheaper than MBBS course that is taught in Nepal. Being the medical science course it not as expensive as MBBS or any other. The cost of this course varies from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs.
Well under the heavily subsidized tuition fee BDS program have the following charges under different headings like :

Admission fee for each year is Rs. 10,000
Library fee 4,500 per annum
Laboratory fee 4,500 per annum

In the same way, there are charges for student welfare like (ID cards library card games fee) Rs. 4,000

The tuition fee is Rs. 64,800 per annum

Hostel fee and hostel maintenance fee will be Rs. 22,000 per years.

In the same way, there are many other charges that are taken from the student in BDS course. The total amount to be paid for the BDS course is Rs. 11,61,600 only under the heading of a heavily subsidized category.


Like in any other courses this course also offer the scholarship program to the deserving candidate for which they have a separate seat. On the basis of their performance and seeing their background different college also provide the scholarship for the deserving student. Depending on the demand of the college like high percentage in the +2 and highest mark in the entrance.

There is another category in which student can be enrolled and can get the BDS knowledge. Some of the students may get the heavy scholarship. Thus, once you meet the criteria for the enrollments for the BDS and when you will pass the entrance exam you can start studying BDS and can pursue your career as a dentist as soon as you complete the 4 years BDS course along with 1 year of internship as a part of the course.

Jobs, Careers, and Scope

Being a dentist is not a small thing. Dentist is a doctor, a medical practitioner of the oral cavity are responsible for the treating teeth gums and also the other different muscles of the face and head. They are also expert in cosmetic surgery of the teeth. The role or the responsibility of the dentist is to identify the oral problem, promoting oral health and disease prevention camping and make people aware of the importance of the teeth and gums. They are also responsible for giving a safe dose of the anaesthetics in the process of facial surgery or teeth extraction.

This very demanding course for today’s all over the world has high career scope and also good money. After the completion of the BDS, one can start working as a dentist in the department of oral health in any private or public hospital. They can also start their own dental clinic where they can become a dental consultant. Apart from this they also get a job in the different pharmaceutical companies for making the oral care products. They can also become a teacher and start teaching for the medical student. You can also apply for the abroad study after BDS for MDS and also for working. Overall this course has a high scope as a career prospect.

Once you complete the BDS course you can become a job holder and can start earning. In the context of Nepal, today a BDS pass out can easily earn from 30000 to 120000 per month depending on their working area and the work. If you start your own dental clinic then you can charge Rs. 500 as consultant charge and also charge from Rs. 800 to Rs. 40000 – Rs. 50000 for filling the teeth and the list goes on. Thus, you can see that after you complete this course you can become a job holder and also make a good amount of money. Even in abroad country such as USA and Europe countries, the demand of the dentist is very high and they earn $72 per hours. Thus, you see a good career and a financial freedom in this field after the completion of the course either you live in Nepal or try for abroad to settle down.

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