Minimum GPA required in SEE to join different subjects in Grade 11

Many students are found to be in a dilemma about which subject they can study in grade 11 according to the GPA they have attained in SEE. So, here we have listed the subjects with minimum GPA and grade required in aggregate as well as individual subjects to study in the table given below:

S.N. Subjects Minimum GPA and Grade
1. In Science:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science

2 GPA with C+ in Science and Mathematics, C in English, D+ in Social Studies and Nepali
2. In Technical Course:

Bo0tany, Zoology, Electronic/Civil/ Computer Engineering

1.6 GPA with C in Science, Mathematics, and English, D= in Social Studies and Nepali
3. In Management:

Mathematics, account, Economics, Computer Science, Teaching Mathematics, Element and Finance, Astrology, Business Mathematics, Co-operative Management, Business Studies, Geography, Psychology

1.6 GPA with C in Mathematics and D+ in English, Nepali, Social Studies and Science.
4. In Education:

Physics education, Chemistry education, Biology Education and Teaching Science

1.6 GPA with C in Science and Mathematics, and D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.
5. In English:

English, Alternative English, Teaching English, Linguistics

1.6 GPA with C in English and D+ in Nepali and Social Studies
6. In Nepali:

Nepali, Teaching Nepali

1.6 GPA with C in Nepali and D+ in English and Social Studies
7. In Mass Communication, Hotel Management, and Travel & Tourism 1.6 GPA with C in English and D+ in Nepali, Mathematics and Social Studies
8. In Arts/ Humanities/ Social Sciences:

Political science, History, Sanskrit, Home Science, Social Studies, Philosophy, Library and Information Science

1.6 GPA with C in Social Studies and D+ in Nepali and English
9. Introduction to education, instructional Pedagogy, Heath and Physical Education, Population Education, Environment Education 1.6 GPA with C in Health, Population and environment Education and D+ in English, Nepali, and Science
10. Human value education, General Law, Sanskrit Grammar, Literature, Justice, Law, Buddha Education 1.6 GPA with D+ in Nepali, English and Social Studies
11. In Languages:

Maithili, Hindi, Newari, French, Japanese, Urdu, German, Chinese and others

1.6 GPA with D+ in English
12. Others:

Dance, Music, handicraft, Painting, Applied Arts, Sports and others

1.6 GPA with D+ in English

Source: Kantipur

  • Ujwal rai says:

    is optional mathematics is required to study science in 11 class? if yes how much gpa is required in SEE exam?

  • Monika Balami says:

    I got 2.40 gpa and D in c math, omath what should I read in 11 can I choose hotel management or else please tell me what sub should I choose

  • Rahul yadav says:

    I scored C in mathematics and B+ in English and science plz tell me I study biology can I study or not but in mathematics 2.0 comes

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