Management Scholarships

Management degrees are the field of study which gives the students opportunity to built a foundation of managing in various field like business, economics, management, financial institutions, marketing, etc. It includes various sectors like human resource management, hospitality management, hotel management, finance management, marketing management, etc.

Management degree makes the students able to lead a team of employs, divide their role and keep them motivated. There are variety of fields in which the management skills can be applied. With the increase in number of organization, companies, etc. in Nepal, the scope of different management degrees are also increasing. So, it has become a major choice for the students who want to pursue their career as manager in different fields.

Although, there are many students who wants to pursue their career in management field, yet they haven’t been able to attain the management degree due to its high cost for study. It costs about 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 depending upon the courses, institution & university providing the course of study. So, students of economically low background cannot afford to attain the degree.

As a solution to this problem, many universities from foreign countries provide full and partial scholarships to study management related courses. But there are very few scholarships provided by the colleges of Nepal for the studying management related scholarships. The KCM College provides various scholarships scheme for management students. But there are plenty of scholarships available for studying in other countries like UK, USA, Australia, European countries, etc.

Although various scholarships are available to study management degree in different countries, yet the students miss the opportunity due to lack of proper information about it. Thus, our main aim is to provide information about available scholarships for management in Nepal as well as other countries from different national & international websites and make it available at one place for the convenience of students.

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