Information Technology (IT) Scholarships

Information Technology (IT) is the branch of Computer Science which utilizes the computer for storing, retrieving, processing, transmitting and manipulating data in different fields. It’s application is important in every field like business, banking, management, medical, education sector etc. There are various IT related courses to study in Nepal like B.Sc. CSIT, BIT, BCA etc.

In the modern world ,with the increase in use of computer and information technology the scope and career of IT related courses are also increasing. Its scope is also increasing sue to its wide application in different fields not only in Nepal but all over the world. So many students are attracted these  days to study the IT related subjects. It has become a new career choice among youths with increase in demand for IT professional.

Although, many students are interested to pursue their career in the field in the field of IT due to its increased demand, yet some students haven’t been able to attain the degree due to its high cost of study. It cost about 2, 00,000 to 8, 00,000 depending upon the college and University offering the course. So, the students from economically low background cannot afford to study it. As the solution this problem many university from foreign countries provide full or partial scholarship to study IT related courses. But there are very few scholarships or almost no scholarships provided by the government, Universities and institution of Nepal for studying IT related subjects. Information technology society Nepal (ITSN), provide some scholarships. But there are lot of scholarships in foreign countries to study IT like USA , UK , Australia, etc.

Various scholarships are available to study IT related courses in different countries, yet students miss the opportunity due to lack of proper information about it. Thus, our main aim is to provide information about scholarship available for IT related courses in Nepal as well as other countries from different national & international websites and make it available at one place for the convenience of students.

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