Bachelor level Scholarship of Pokhara University

[Updated Notice]

Pokhara University has published an update about the application of Scholarship in which the deadline for the application has been changed. Previously, the deadline was on 25th Shrawan 2075 (10th August 2018) within office hours. But now the applications can also be submitted from 27th Shrawan 2075 (12th August 2018) to 1st Bhadra 2075 (17th August 2018) within office hours. The examination date for the entrance is as it was published before.

The update was published on 26th Shrawan 2075 (11th August 2018)

Pokhara University has announced for the application for scholarship in Bachelor level on various courses of Science and Technology, Medicine, Management and Humanities/Arts. Among all the available seats for study, 20% scholarship seats are available for studying in Central Campus of PU and 10% scholarship seats are available for studying in affiliated colleges. The number of seats available for Science and Technology is 367, for Medicine is 87, for Management is 541 and for Humanities/Social Sciences is 25. So, the total of 1020 seats is available altogether. Among these seats, 60% of the seats are for open competition and  40 % are for Dalit, Indigenous group (Adhibasi/Janajati), Madhesi, disabled people, local people and people from inaccessible and rural areas. There are also 50/50% seats separated in both these groups for females. The interested candidate who is the citizen of Nepal, who has passed SEE/SLC form public/ community/ private/ institutional/ government granted school can apply within 3 years of passing the +2 or equivalent. But the priority will be given to students of the public or community schools. Only if the seats for the scholarship remains empty after the publication of 3rd scholarship awarded list, then the chance will be given to the students from the private and institutional schools.

The form will be distributed from 2nd Shrawan 2075 (18th July 2018).

The deadline for the submission of the scholarship is on 25th Shrawan 2075 (10th August 2018) within office hours.

The entrance exam for scholarships will be held on:

  • 4th Bhadra 2075 (20th August 2018) at 8:30 a.m. for the Medicine field.
  • 4th Bhadra 2075 (20th August 2018) at 2 p.m. for the Science and Technology field.
  • 5th Bhadra 2075 (21st August 2018) at 8:30 a.m. for the Management field.
  • 5th Bhadra 2075 (21st August 2018) at 2 p.m. for the Humanities/Social Sciences field. 

Further details about the eligibility criteria, application instruction and the deadline are given below: