Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Linguistics in Nepal

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Linguistics is a three-year undergraduate program designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human language. It covers various aspects of language, including its structure, use, and psychological and social aspects. This course is ideal for students who have a keen interest in languages and how they function in different contexts.

General Eligibility

To be eligible for a BA in Linguistics in Nepal, students typically need to have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) or equivalent in any stream from a recognized board. They must also meet the specific admission criteria set by the university or college they are applying to, which may include entrance exams or interviews.

Overview of Topics Taught

First Year

  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Morphology
  • Syntax
  • Semantics
  • Language and Society

Second Year

  • Historical Linguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language Acquisition
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Field Methods in Linguistics

Third Year

  • Advanced Syntax
  • Advanced Semantics
  • Language Documentation
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Language and Cognition
  • Thesis/Research Project

Average Cost to Study the Course in Nepal

The cost of studying a BA in Linguistics in Nepal varies depending on the institution. On average, it ranges from NPR 50,000 to NPR 150,000 per year. This cost covers tuition fees, but students should also budget for books, accommodation, and other living expenses.

Popular Colleges/Universities Offering BA in Linguistics

Several colleges and universities in Nepal offer a BA in Linguistics. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Tribhuvan University: Known for its comprehensive programs and experienced faculty.
  • Kathmandu University: Offers a well-rounded curriculum with a focus on research.
  • Pokhara University: Provides modern facilities and diverse learning opportunities.
  • Patan Multiple Campus: Part of Tribhuvan University, known for its strong linguistics department.

Future Prospects After Completing BA in Linguistics

Career Choices

After completing a BA in Linguistics, graduates have various career options, such as:

  • Language Teacher: Teaching languages at schools or language institutes.
  • Translator/Interpreter: Working for government agencies, international organizations, or private companies.
  • Linguistic Researcher: Conducting research in universities or research institutions.
  • Speech Therapist: Assisting people with speech and language difficulties.
  • Lexicographer: Working on compiling and editing dictionaries.

Future Study Options

Graduates can further their studies by pursuing:     

  • Masters of Arts (BA) in Linguistics                                                                                                          

Skills to Acquire

To complement a BA in Linguistics, students should acquire the following skills:

  • Analytical Skills: To analyze language data effectively.
  • Research Skills: To conduct thorough and methodical research.
  • Communication Skills: To present findings clearly and concisely.
  • Technological Proficiency: Familiarity with linguistic software and tools.

Future-Proofing Yourself

Impact of AI and Future Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology are transforming the field of linguistics. Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine translation, and speech recognition are some areas where linguists can contribute significantly. 

How to Safeguard Yourself

  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest developments in AI and technology.
  • Continuous Learning: Pursue additional courses or certifications in computational linguistics or related fields.
  • Networking: Engage with professional communities and attend conferences.

Suitable Students

Most Suitable For

  • Language Enthusiasts: Those with a passion for languages and how they work.
  • Analytical Thinkers: Individuals who enjoy problem-solving and analysis.
  • Detail-Oriented Students: Those who can focus on minutiae without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Not Preferable For

  • Practical Oriented: Students looking for immediate practical applications may find the theoretical aspects challenging.
  • Disinterest in Research: Those who do not enjoy research may struggle with the course requirements.

Basic Salary After Completing BA in Linguistics in Nepal

The starting salary for graduates with a BA in Linguistics in Nepal varies based on the job and organization. On average, it ranges from NPR 20,000 to NPR 35,000 per month. With experience and additional qualifications, this can increase significantly.

Scholarships Available

There are several scholarships available for students pursuing a BA in Linguistics in Nepal:

  • Tribhuvan University Scholarships: Various merit and need-based scholarships.
  • Kathmandu University Scholarships: Financial aid for deserving students.
  • Pokhara University Scholarships: Scholarships based on academic performance.

Alternative Related Courses

For those interested in related fields, consider these alternatives:

  • BA in English: Focuses on literature and language studies.
  • BA in Mass Communication: Combines communication theory with practical media skills.
  • BA in Sociology: Studies society and social behavior, often overlapping with linguistic topics.


A Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics in Nepal offers a fascinating exploration of human language, providing students with the skills and knowledge to pursue various career paths and further studies. With the rise of AI and technology, linguistics professionals must stay updated and continuously enhance their skills to remain relevant in the evolving job market. For those passionate about language and eager to delve into its complexities, a BA in Linguistics is an excellent choice.


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