Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations in Nepal

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations is an exciting and dynamic course that examines how countries interact with one another and how global issues affect nations. In Nepal, this program is becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes more interconnected and as Nepal takes a more active role in international affairs.

Course Overview

A BA in International Relations in Nepal provides students with a comprehensive understanding of global politics, economics, culture, and diplomacy. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in government, international organizations, non-profits, and more.

General Eligibility

To be eligible for a BA in International Relations in Nepal, students typically need to have:

  • Completed higher secondary education (10+2) or equivalent.
  • Achieved a minimum aggregate score, which varies by institution (usually around 45-50%).
  • Proficiency in English, as most of the coursework is conducted in English.

Overview of Topics Taught

The curriculum of a BA in International Relations covers a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Introduction to International Relations: Basics of global politics and key theories.
  • Political Science: Understanding political systems, governance, and policies.
  • International Law: Laws governing international interactions and organizations.
  • Global Economics: Study of global economic systems and their impact on international relations.
  • Diplomacy and Negotiation: Techniques and strategies for diplomatic communication and conflict resolution.
  • Foreign Policy Analysis: Examining the foreign policies of different countries.
  • Human Rights: Exploring international human rights laws and issues.
  • International Organizations: Roles and functions of entities like the UN, WTO, etc.

Average Cost to Study the Course in Nepal

The cost of pursuing a BA in International Relations in Nepal varies depending on the institution. On average, it ranges from NPR 100,000 to NPR 400,000 for the entire course. This includes tuition fees but may exclude additional costs like books, accommodation, and other expenses.

Popular Colleges/Universities Offering BA in International Relations

Several institutions in Nepal offer BA in International Relations, including:

  • Tribhuvan University: Known for its comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty.
  • Kathmandu University: Offers a modern approach with a focus on current global issues.
  • Pokhara University: Provides a balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Future Prospects After Completing BA in International Relations

Graduates of BA in International Relations have a wide array of opportunities both within Nepal and internationally. They can work in various sectors including government agencies, international organizations, non-profits, and private companies.

Career Choices After Completing BA in International Relations

Some career paths available to graduates include:

  • Diplomat: Representing Nepal in embassies and consulates abroad.
  • International Organization Officer: Working with the UN, World Bank, or other international bodies.
  • Policy Analyst: Analyzing and developing policies for governmental or non-governmental organizations.
  • Journalist: Reporting on international events and issues.
  • Academic Researcher: Conducting research and teaching in universities.

Future Study Options After Completing BA in International Relations

Students can further their education by pursuing:

  • Master’s in International Relations: Deepening their knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA): Focusing on the administrative aspects of public service.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Gaining skills in business management which are useful for international corporations.

Skills to Acquire to Complement BA in International Relations

To enhance their career prospects, students should develop the following skills:

  • Foreign Language Proficiency: Learning languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic.
  • Research Skills: Being able to conduct thorough and accurate research.
  • Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Analytical Thinking: Ability to analyze complex global issues and data.

How to Future-Proof Yourself After Completion of BA in International Relations

Embrace AI and Future Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technological advancements are reshaping many fields, including international relations. Professionals need to stay updated with these changes. Courses on data analysis, cybersecurity, and AI applications in international relations can be beneficial.

Safeguarding Against Technological Displacement

To safeguard against being replaced by technology:

  • Continuous Learning: Keep up with new developments through courses and seminars.
  • Networking: Build a strong professional network.
  • Flexibility: Be open to adapting to new roles and responsibilities as the field evolves.

Suitable Students for BA in International Relations

This course is ideal for students who:

  • Have a keen interest in global affairs.
  • Enjoy studying history, politics, and economics.
  • Are good at communication and critical thinking.

Unsuitable Students for BA in International Relations

This course may not be preferable for students who:

  • Do not have an interest in global issues.
  • Prefer technical or scientific subjects over social sciences.
  • Are not comfortable with extensive reading and research.

Basic Salary After Completing BA in International Relations in Nepal

The basic salary for graduates varies based on the sector and role, but on average, it ranges from NPR 20,000 to NPR 40,000 per month. With experience and higher qualifications, this can increase significantly.

Scholarships in Nepal to Study BA in International Relations

Several scholarships are available to help students fund their studies, such as:

  • Government Scholarships: Offered by the Ministry of Education.
  • University Scholarships: Specific to institutions like Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University.
  • International Scholarships: Provided by organizations like the Fulbright Program.

Alternative Related Courses

If students are interested in related fields, they might consider:

  • BA in Political Science: Focuses more on the theory and practice of politics.
  • BA in Economics: Concentrates on economic theories and their applications.
  • BA in Sociology: Explores social behavior and society.


A BA in International Relations in Nepal opens up a world of opportunities. With a diverse curriculum, multiple career paths, and the chance to make a significant impact on global affairs, this program is an excellent choice for students interested in understanding and influencing the world. As technology continues to evolve, staying adaptable and continuously learning will be key to succeeding in this dynamic field.